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We could all be forgiven for thinking that the only types of engine that exist
are the petrol and diesel engines.

They are everywhere.

But they can’t do everything.

For decades the only thing that could
launch a plane off an aircraft carrier was the huge
expansive ability of steam.

For centuries we have told the time courtesy of the spring and clockwork.

For millennia we have developed many types of water pump.
The Ram pump has unique capabilities.
For remote locations, water can be pumped to a huge height. What else can do that?
Thermofluidics Ltd’s Stirling NIFTE water pump is solar driven and self starts.

How many engines can do that?

NASA are developing the Moon base.
Stirling generators will be used to generate the electricity. Stirling KiloPower

The point I want to raise is, that whilst the petrol and diesel engines are capable of many things, outside of their performance envelope, we need specialist engines.

Niche engines.

What are the key abilities of the Stirling?

1. Superb Reliability
Stirlings can run for years – continuously – without maintenance.
The record is 14 years.

2. Quietness
The only noise is metal sliding or rotating next to metal.
the Swedish Stirling Submarine evaded detection by the USS Ronald Regan
aircraft carrier in the 2005 NATO war games, there was much concern!
Sunk! How-sweden-sent-americas-uss-ronald-reagan-to-the-bottom-of-the-sea

3. Lack of Exhaust Toxins
The Stirling is driven by heat. When the Stirling is driven by solar heat there is no exhaust.
When the heat is produced from burning, the combustion can be clean.
The reason is that the heating is external to the power cylinder.
Combustion can be clean. No generation of CO or NOx.
The Stirling driven Palliard gramophone was for use inside our living spaces.
This is an engine that can be used safely
inside our houses

4. Low Power Ability
The petrol engine is far too powerful to run a stove top circulation fan.
But the Kontax Stirling fan? Silent. No exhaust fumes.
Just the job!